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Luc Ciompi, * 1929

Portrait: Luc Ciompi (Photo 2022)
Luc Ciompi, 2022

Prof. Dr. med. emeritus, Dr. h.c., Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist FMH. Former medical director of the socio-psychiatric university clinic in Berne/Switzerland and co-chair of the department of psychiatry at the university of Berne. Author of the concept of affect-logic. Founder of the therapeutic community "Soteria Berne". Promoter of community based care-systems for rehabilitation and crisis intervention, based on an integrative (psycho-socio-biological) approach to mental illness.

More than 260 scientific publications, including 16 books and more than 50 book contributions (about 2/3 in German and 1/3 in English or French). Several scientific honours and awards.

Main Book in English:

Luc Ciompi: Psyche and Schizophrenia (book cover) Luc Ciompi
The Bond between Affect and Logic
ISBN-10: 0674719905
ISBN-13: 978-0674719903
Harvard University Press, Cambridge/Mass. (USA) and London (GB), 1988


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