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Born in Florence/Italy on October 10th, 1929. Son of an Italian medical doctor and a Swiss mother. Childhood and schools mainly in Worb and Berne, Switzerland

1950-561 semester of study of literature and philosophy in Berne, then study of medicine in Berne, Geneva and Paris
1956-63Specialisation in psychiatry and psychotherapy at the psychiatric university hospital of Berne and Lausanne, and at the medical university clinic of Geneva
1959-70Psychoanalytical training and two didactic analyses in Berne, Geneva and Lausanne
1963-72Head of the division for research on long-term courses of mental illnesses at the psychiatric university hospital of Cery/Lausanne
1968-76Training in family therapy and systems theory in Lausanne
1972-77Medical director of the community-based socio-psychiatric services of the psychiatric university hospital of Lausanne
1977-94Ordinary professor at the medical faculty of the university, co-chair of the department of psychiatry and medical director of the socio-psychiatric university clinic of Berne
1984-98Founder and first medical director of the therapeutic community "Soteria Berne"
1994-97Guest professor at the Konrad Lorenz Institute for research on evolution and cognition in Altenberg near Vienna/Austria
since 1995Free book-author and publicist. Lectures, workshops and seminars. Psychotherapeutic counselling and supervision. Computer simulation research on the concept of affect-logic.
Several prolonged study-journeys to the USA.
1986 Sabbatical at the Institute of Prof. Ilya Prigogine, Université Libre de Bruxelles.

Special functions:

  • President of the Swiss Society for Social Psychiatry (1986-92).
  • President of The Association for Social Psychiatry Berne (1984-92)

Member of several professional societies and institutions including

  • Permanent Committee for Postgraduate Education of the Swiss society of psychiatry and psychoterhapy (1986-92)
  • International Soteria Association (since 1996)
  • Konrad Lorenz Institute in Altenberg near Vienna (since 1995)
  • Advisory Board of the Centre for Subjectivity Research Kopenhagen (2001-06)
  • Member of the scientific committee of the Società Italiana di Psicoterapia Integrata (sipi)
  • Advisory Board of several international journals.

Scientific awards and honors

  • Hermann Simon Award of the German society of neurology and psychiatry / Germany (1971)
  • Dr. Günther Buch Award of the Fritz Buch Gedächtnisstiftung for research on old age /Germany (1973)
  • Theodor Nägeli Award of the Theodor Naegeli-foundation Basel /Switzerland (1976)
  • Stanley R. Dean Research Award of the American college of psychiatrists /USA (1986).
  • Doctor honoris causa of the University of Lausanne /Switzerland (2008)
  • Dr Margrit Egnér Award for special achievements in the domain of antropological and humanistic psychology (2015)

Corresponding member:

  • German society of neurology and psychiatry
  • Society of Austrian neurologists and psychiatrists

Honorary member:

  • Swiss society of psychiatry and psychotherapy
  • Swiss society for social psychiatry
  • Swiss society fo psychiatric epidemiology
  • Italian society for integrated psychotherapy
  • International society for the psychotherapy of schizophrenia
  • International Working Group Soteria (IAS Society)
  • Honorary fellow of the European Society for Social Psychiatry (2018)

Private live

Married with Mary Iliou Ciompi (Greek) since 1959. Two sons and three grand children.
Interests and hobbies: Literature, arts, philosophy, politics and other problems of society; drawing, painting, music, gardening, walking, mountaineering.

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Luc Ciompi, Prof. em.
Cita 6, CH-1092 Belmont-sur-Lausanne VD, Switzerland


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