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Ciompi, L. Soteria Berne: 32 years of experience. An alternative approach to acute schizophrenia. Swiss Arch. Neurol Psychiat. 168: 10-13. 2017 Full text (PDF, 170 kB)
Ciompi, L. The key role of emotions in the schizophrenia puzzle. Schizophrenia Bulletin 41: 318-322, 2015 Full Text (PDF, 178 kB)
Ciompi, L., Baatz, M.: The energetic dimension of emotions - an evolution-based computer simulation with general implications. Theoretical Biology 3: 42-50, 2008 - Abstract
Do it yourself! Manual and program for the computer simulation of emotions see:
Full text (PDF)
Bola J.R., Lehtinen K., Cullberg, J., Ciompi, L. Psychosocial treatment, antipsychotic postponement, and low-dose medication strategies in first episode psychosis. Psychosocial Treatment and Psychosis 1:4-18, 2009  
Ciompi, L., Harding C.M., Lethinen, K. Deep concern. Schizophrenia Bulletin 36, 437-439, 2010 Full text (PDF)
Ciompi, L., Endert. E. : Feelings make history. The effects of collective emotions - from Hitler to Obama, Vanderhoeck & Ruprecht,  Göttingen/Germany, 2011, ISBN 978-3-525-40436-2 (in German, for more information see books)  


A conversation with Luc Ciompi on the concept of affect logic and Soteria
(in German, with English subtitles)


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